German envoy: Human rights should be protected on-line, off-line

It is important to start the process of reflection, and send out a political message, that the fundamental right to privacy that are enshrined in all important UN declaration and documents has to be protected, Peter Witting said.

German envoy: Human rights should be protected on-line, off-line

The latest reports about mass surveillance of private data have alarmed people all over the world. It is clear now that the right of privacy should be protected not only on national, but on the international level and that some sort of international action is required, said ambassador Peter Wittig, permanent representative of Germany to the United Nations told AA in an exclusive interview, minutes after the German/Brazilian resolution -- Right to privacy in the digital age - was publicly presented at the UN General Assembly on Wednesday afternoon.

"The resolutions of the General Assembly are not legally binding as much as for instance the resolutions of the Security Council. But, what is important to us is to start process of reflection, and we will send out with this resolution, that will be commended, as I believe, by a wide majority of the United Nations membership – will send out a political message here, that the fundamental right to privacy enshrined in the fundamental rights documents has to be protected on line as well as off line,” Mr. Witting said.

“So we have developed the initiative together with the Brazil to contribute to the task of balanced security interests and the right of privacy. The message is clear: The human right to privacy has to be protected on line and off line,” ambassador Witting said.

He stressed - this is what German and Brazilian missions to the UN “want with this resolution: to embrace the (UN) membership and to tackle that issue not only nationally but internationally.”

“This is not a resolution directed against any country or against any group of countries. This is a global challenge that we want to tackle. And we want to embrace everybody to help coming to grips with this challenge. That includes all members of this Organization,” the chief of German Mission to the UN said.



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