Mexican drug lords used world's most comfortable tunnel to US

In some parts of the world digging tunnels is a matter of survival, but not in Mexico.

Mexican drug lords used world's most comfortable tunnel to US

Those who are familiar with the Middle Eastern news frequently come across with the reports about the tunnels in Gaza District. Having been under Israeli blockade, these tunnels linking Gaza to the outside world are essential to get basic needs for the people living there.

However, far away in Mexico people have very different motivation to do the same thing. A tunnel connecting Mexico to US, exposed last week was used for drug trade. Designed to carry narcotics, the tunnel is fairly comfortable with rail system, hydraulic door, electricity and air conditioner. The tunnel connected Mexican city of Tihuana to San Diego and its length is 536 meter. There people were detained during the investigation. 

The drug trade, the primary concern preventing development of Mexican-US relations has been mainly carried out by large drug cartels. Most of the drugs ‘exported’ to US via tunnels as the figures show, for the last five years 75 tunnels were revealed on the border.

The last one was run by Sinaloa cartel. The police raided the tunnel, seized 8 tons hashish and 140 kg cocaine. The tunnel was recorded as the world’s most developed smuggling tunnel. Under 10 meter of the solid, the tunnel has 1,2 meter height and 90 centimeter width. The police sources said the tunnel was one of the five that heads to San Diego.

As the state has staunchly fought against drug mafia, cartels have remained to be influential. In a recent crash between police and drug gangs in Matamoros, a city neighboring Texas 13 people were killed. The figures who lead the cartels are extremely rich and interesting characters. For instance, The leader of Sinaloa cartel, Joaquin Guzman whose nickname is El Chapo is on the 1140th rank of the world’s richest people list. The state announced that the one who will help to capture El Chapo will be awarded with 1 billion dollar. Another cartel, called Los Zetas was formed by 31 soldiers after they retired from Mexican army in 1999.

45 thousand officers in fight against drug cartels

The election of Felipe Calderon to the presidency has been a turning point in fight against drug mafia. Unlike the passive stance posed in 1990’s and 2000’s, Mexico has launched active war. Calderon decided to send a federal unit composed of 6500 officers, to Michoacan province which was the biggest operation against drug cartels until that time.

Over the course of time, Calderon founded special unit for war against drug, expanded the unit to 45 thousand officers and promoted them to the level of federal police. In 2008 when it was revealed that the drug cartels was in close cooperation with local governments, mayors and some state officials, the struggle became much tougher. The drug barons did not sit on their chairs and simply watch what Calderon will do. They reciprocated with violence and punished officials who betrayed them. This escalation has brought the country ın the edge of civil war.

80 thousand killed

Mexican people feel themselves extremely unsafe. 81 per cent of Mexican economy is controlled by 7 cartels, a situation that decreases hopes for a sustainable solution. Only in 2011, 17 thousand people were killed by drug mafia. This figure reached 12 thousand next year and in total 80 thousand people was killed since 2006.

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