New UN approach towards Bosnia needed

"Bosnia and Herzegovina’s leaders can do better and that there is still time for the coalition of parties in power at the state-level to move forward on delivering long-term progress and addressing EU and NATO requirements before the next elections in October 2014,"

New UN approach towards Bosnia needed

Mr. Valentin Inzko, the High Representative of international community in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), told UN Security Council exploring options on getting the country on the EU road would help to ensure that the gains made after the war in terms of stability, rebuilding the country and reconciling its peoples, are preserved and advanced.

“Unfortunately, since my last address to the Security Council in May, and with less than a year left until the next general elections, the situation in the country has not changed: The country’s political leadership has still not shown a firm commitment to carrying out the basic political and economic reforms needed to move the country forward. Nor have they made a serious effort towards progress on Euro-Atlantic integration,” High Representative Inzko said.

We still have 12 months before the elections in Bosnia and all chances are there, all possibilities are there, and politicians can still make up for the lost time,” he concluded.

“The region is moving as you know. Croatia has now become a EU member state. Serbia will soon be a candidate state. Montenegro has already closed three chapters negotiations with EU – only Bosnia is lagging behind. Actually – the recipe (for success) is simple: do just the same what Montenegro is doing. Do what Serbia is doing.”

Mr. Inzko compared the inside Bosnian problem with the Kosovo-Serbia's centuries-old misunderstanding saying the Bosnian problem is even easier. Yet, Bosnia is now seriously lagging behind in the region:

“If you compare the huge problem which is the 600 years old regarding Serbia and Kosovo – if you compare this huge problem -- ‘Sejdić-Finci’ is much smaller. So if they could solve this huge historic issue in such a short time why can not the Bosnian politicians solve also ‘Sejdić-Finci’,” said Inzko.


Güncelleme Tarihi: 13 Kasım 2013, 12:34

Muhammed Öylek