Sarajevo - a collapsing city

The city that underwent the longest siege in modern history is now suffering energy, water and transport cuts that is taking its citizens back to the days of extreme hardship during the war in the 90s.

Sarajevo - a collapsing city

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Citizens of Sarajevo are facing daily water, transport and fuel cuts due to unpaid city government bills.

Aljosa Campara, the city's deputy mayor, told the Anadolu Agency that citizens are victims of the current politics.

"We cannot let the people suffer because of politics. Sarajevo is the capital city, former Olympic city, and its citizens suffered a lot during the war. To deprive them from water, electricity, public transportation, they just do not deserve it and it brings them bad memories about the war and life under the siege," Campara said.

Sarajevo is the city that underwent longest siege in a modern history. From April 1992 until February 1996, the city was surrounded by the military forces of the rebel Bosnian Serbs, and its citizens deprived of water, electricity and natural gas, as well as of food.

Darko Brkan, president of the citizens association "Why Not", told the AA that this situation is not something to surprise anyone.

"This is happening because of the bad management, and systematic corruption that persist in this society for over 20 years. What is surprising is that something like this did not happen even before. If the citizens do not understand that this situation is a product of the decades of bad leadership, with people preoccupied with the fighting about ethnicities instead of doing their jobs, that this is just another regular day in Sarajevo," Brkan said.

Zoran Ivancic, who helped organize protests in Sarajevo this summer, told the AA that "in wars between political parties victims are citizens."

Citizens are directing their anger toward leaders, but are not yet ready to protest in public or try to change something.

"We live on minimum wages and minimum pensions. The only solution is to get rid of this government, and to bring new, young, educated people who will help bring the state out of this misery," Sulejman Saban, citizen of Sarajevo told the AA.

"This government is elected by citizens. Everything that is happening, in some way, we deserved it since we elected them. For sure, the citizens are the victims, and the only solution is to demand changes that could come together with new people who will work for the good of citizens and not their own good,” Alimajstorovic said.

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