'Turkey-Egypt relations 'cornerstone' of East's renaissance'

Emara noted that the West, America and Zionism “want to block the path to democracy if it brings Islamists to power as what happened in Algeria and in Gaza" so that Israel seems like the only democracy in the Middle East.

'Turkey-Egypt relations 'cornerstone' of East's renaissance'

Prominent Islamic thinker Mohamed Emara has described relations between Turkey and Egypt as the cornerstone of renaissance in the East.

"Turkey has a historic and important status and Egypt is a heavyweight country in the Arab and Islamic region," Emara told the Anadolu Agency in an exclusive interview.

"Relations between Egypt and Turkey support the strategic transformation in the East," he added.

The Egyptian thinker said Turkey's shift toward the East has been a strategic change in the region.

"And relations between Egypt and Turkey support this shift," he noted.

Relations between Egypt and Turkey have cooled since the powerful army ousted elected President Mohamed Morsi.

Ankara has described Morsi's removal as a "coup" and Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan insisted that Morsi is the legitimate president of Egypt.

The prominent thinker described Morsi's ouster as "planned".

"The West, America and Zionism want to show that Israel is the only democratic state in the East," he argued.

"They want to block the path to democracy if it brings Islamists to power as what happened in Algeria and in Gaza, when Hamas was voted to power."

Ever since his ouster, Morsi supporters have been staging daily demonstrations and sit-ins to defend his "democratic legitimacy".

They are demanding the reinstatement of the ousted leader, the dissolved Shura Council (the upper house of Egypt's parliament) and the suspended constitution, along with prosecution of those responsible for the killing of protesters in the wake of Morsi's removal.

Emara believes that the Muslim Brotherhood can survive the current political crisis in Egypt.

"All these crowds in the governorates and squares show that there is a strong Islamic presence (in Egypt)," he said, accusing the media of tarnishing the image of the Islamic movement in Egypt.

Emara and a host of intellectuals have unveiled a four-point initiative stipulating that Morsi delegate his authority to a new caretaker government in accordance with the 2012 constitution, which has been suspended by the military.

That caretaker government would call for immediate parliamentary polls and based on the results of the elections, a permanent government would be formed.

The new permanent government would prepare the ground for early presidential elections in accordance with the 2012 constitution.

The Islamic thinker believes that any solution to the political crisis in Egypt must be based on the return of legitimacy.

"All initiatives to resolve the crisis must be based to constitutional legitimacy in order to pave the way for early elections [demanded by opponents]," he said.


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