25 Iraqi security personnel killed by rebels

Iraq has been the scene of rising violence for several months.

25 Iraqi security personnel killed by rebels

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At least 25 Iraqi police and army personnel were killed and 13 injured in the two provinces of Nineveh and Diyala on Saturday, according to security sources.

"Eighteen soldiers were killed and nine others were wounded in an ambush of an army unit in southern Mosul, the provincial capital of Nineveh," police colonel Ghalib al-Ta'ey told Anadolu Agency.

Militants gunned down a bodyguard of Iraqi parliament speaker Osama al-Nujaifi in western Mosul, police captain Taha al-Mashhadani told AA.

He said an army officer was killed and his daughter injured in an attack south of Mosul.

Al-Mashhadani added that a soldier was killed and another injured in an attack on their patrol some 120kms northeast of Mosul.

Meanwhile, four soldiers were killed and two others injured in two separate attacks in Diyala, according to an official source from the eastern province.

Iraq has been the scene of rising violence for several months.


Seven members of the pro-government Sahwa militia were killed on Sunday in an attack by suspected ISIL rebels north of Baqubah, the capital of the northeastern Diyala province, a local official said.

"The militants attacked a checkpoint manned by Sahwa members in Al-Khalis town, killing all of them," Udday al-Khadran, the town head, told Anadolu Agency.

He added that the rebels had tried to storm the town, but failed after security enforcements arrived at the scene.

Al-Khadran warned against future attacks by ISIL against villages in Al-Khalis, which is located in close proximity to the restive Saladin province.

Several villages in Al-Khalis, particularly Al-Awda, were major strongholds of militant group before 2007.


Frive ISIL rebels were killed in the western province of Anbar, a senior security official said.

"Policemen, army personnel and tribesmen thwarted an attack by the militant group on Al-Ameriya district, 23kms south of Fallujah, and killed five of the attackers," Anbar police chief Ismail al-Mahalawi told Anadolu Agency.

He added that two policemen were also injured in the attack.

The group and some tribal fighters opposed to the Shiite government of Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki have been controlling Fallujah since the beginning of 2014.

The Iraqi army has started a major operation in Anbar with the stated aim of flushing these rebels.


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