349 prisoners recaptured following prison break in Iraq

Death toll in attacks on prisons also mounted, an Iraqi military commander said.

349 prisoners recaptured following prison break in Iraq

World Bulletin / News Desk

Commander of Baghdad Operations Abdul Amir Al-Shammari has said 349 prisoners have been recaptured following the prison break last week that saw hundreds escape from Abu Ghraib and Taci prisons.

The number of deaths in attacks on the two jails, involving 15 suicide bombers, rose to 105, Al-Shammari added.

The commander said the escapes happened when an Al-Qaeda linked organization broke through the prison gates using bombs, while prisoners inside acted simultenously to create commotion in cells.

Al-Shammari said negligence on the part of police and guards was also a factor.

The "Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant" has claimed responsibility for a jailbreak offensive last week that helped over eight hundred prisoners flee, leaving 27 dead and 39 injured.

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