Barzani accuses PKK with betrayal

Barzani has accused the PKK with betrayal, saying that, "We will control South Kurdistan through Erbil".

Barzani accuses PKK with betrayal

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Masoud Barzani, Iraqi Kurdish Regional Government President has crticized PKK commander, Duran Kalkan by saying that, "We will control South Kurdistan through Erbil".

His comments come in response to PKK executive Duran Kalkans words in an interview, that "South Kurdistan cannot withstand a central dictatorship" and so has warned the government and parliament to take necessary precautions. Barzani, calling out to the government and parliament said: "I call out to the people of glorious Kurdistan: do not allow the existence of these groups in Kurdistan. They are elements wanting to commit treason and begin a civil war in this country. Do not give them recognition which will provide them with the opportunity to cause conflict".

He continued saying, "We are witness to the different ways that they are creating hostility towards Kurdistan. Their statements, their annoucements and various propaganda is a new dimension to their hostility. Remarks and statements are being made to incite civil war and cause division between the Kurdish people. These are aimed at causing a dual state administration in Kurdistan. This is not freedom of expression but rather a betrayal of the nation and its people. This the plan and programme to takeover the life of the Kurdish people. These kinds of enemies to the nation is unacceptable to exist in Kurdistan. We will not allow for these initiatives. This issue is a serious threat to the country and its national security. These gains have been won through blood and tears. These attempts are a danger to our efforts of security".

Duran Kalkan's comments

Duran Kalkan has said in published interview using terms that have infuriated Masoud Barzani, saying that: "South Kurdisstan cannot be under a central political leadership. This is because there are various dialects and communities that exist in that area. It cannot survive dictatorshipos. Democracy unites and sustains the region. Democracy administered by the public means a strong local government. One cannot say, "we will adminiter South Kurdistan from Erbil, and it will only be managed from Erbil". Sengal, Kerkuk, Germiyan, Dahuk and Suleyaniye will then also manage itself. And if this happens, then Kerkuk will join Kurdistan










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