British jets launch their first attacks on ISIL

British Tornado fighter jets began its Iraq mission from the British Royal Air Force's Akrotiri base in Cyprus.

British jets launch their first attacks on ISIL

World Bulletin / News Desk

British Tornado fighter jets have launched their first attacks against ISIL targets in Iraq since parliament approved combat operations last Friday, Defence Secretary Michael Fallon said on Tuesday.

"They identified and attacked a heavy weapons position that was endangering Kurdish forces and they subsequently attacked an (ISIL) armed pick-up truck in the same area," he told the BBC.

"Both Tornados have now returned safely to their base and the initial attack assesment is that both attacks were successful," he added.

Last Saturday, Britain began its Iraq mission from the British Royal Air Force's Akrotiri base in Cyprus, a day after the U.K. parliament voted to join the U.S.-led coalition to "degrade and destroy" the ISIL rebels in Iraq and Syria supported by some Gulf and European nations.

Six Tornado jets, normally based at RAF Marham in England, have been based on Cyprus since August.

They have been engaged in intelligence-gathering and reconnaissance over Iraq for the past six weeks.

Britain retains two military bases on Cyprus, which it ruled as a colony until independence in 1960.

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