Civilians dying in Mosul from medicine shortage

12 people die in Iraq's Mosul within last 10 days due to acute medicine shortfalls, local medical source says

Civilians dying in Mosul from medicine shortage

World Bulletin / News Desk

 At least 12 civilians have recently died in Mosul hospitals, including children, due to an acute shortage of medicine in the city, a local medical source told Anadolu Agency on Monday. 

"Within the last 10 days, six elderly people who had been suffering from leukemia -- in addition to six newborn babies -- died in different Mosul hospitals," the source, preferring anonymity due to security concerns, said.

"They died mainly due to a lack of medicine and health supplies in the city’s hospitals," he added. 

"Local hospitals are packed with ISIL militants who were injured while fighting Iraqi forces," the source asserted. 

"The terrorists are monopolizing our limited medical supplies, which they fear will run out as fierce battles continue in the city," he said. 

The same source also noted that drugs now available in Mosul were generally of poor quality and out of the price range of most city residents. 

"People suffering chronic diseases face serious risks, as they are unable to obtain the medicine they need," he lamented. 

Once Iraq’s second largest city in terms of population, Mosul was overrun by ISIL in mid-2014. 

In mid-October, the Iraqi military launched a wide-ranging operation aimed at recapturing the city. 

Iraqi officials have vowed to recapture Mosul -- ISIL’s last stronghold in northern Iraq -- by year’s end. 

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