Ending the arms embargo 'late but correct': FSA

FSA spokesman said they welcomed the European Union's decision to end arms ban on Syrian insurgents, urging member states to accelerate weapons transfers.

Ending the arms embargo 'late but correct': FSA

The European Union's decision not to renew an embargo on arms delivery to Syria was "late but correct", said Luey al-Miqdad, press coordinator for the Free Syrian Army (FSA).

"We made assurances to the EU for allowing us to receive arms," al-Miqdad said.

The most important assurance was the strict control mechanism FSA had in place to ensure weapons would not be distributed among non-combatants, he said, adding "arms would be returned to the suppliers following the overthrow of Assad regime."

Al-Miqdad said FSA hoped the EU would immediately implement the decision, which the Union's foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton said would not be acted upon till August.

The EU agreed on Tuesday after long discussions not to renew an arms embargo due to expire on May 31, making it possible for member states to make arms transfers to Syrian insurgents.

The decision came with a joint pledge to limit the recipients of possible deliveries to Syrian National Coalition (SNC), to take necessary measures to ensure weapons would not fall into wrong hands and not to move ahead with transfers until August. Ashton said the decision would be reviewed by that time.


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