Iraq army 'training Turkmen to fight ISIL'

Tribal sources tell AA that 5,000 recruits are being trained by Iraqi forces in light and heavy weapon use.

Iraq army 'training Turkmen to fight ISIL'

World Bulletin / News Desk

The Iraqi military is training 5,000 Iraqi Turkmen to fight against the ISIL militant group, local sources have told the Anadolu Agency.

According to Turkmen tribe leader Haydar Ali Colak, some 1,000 Shiite Turkmen from northwestern Tal Afar city have already completed their training.

"Some 4,000 more are continuing to have military training in southern Najaf and Karbala cities," Colak told AA.

He said the Turkmen were trained in using all types of light and heavy weapons during the exercises.

Tal Afar city, a strategic location in Iraq near to the Syrian border, has been controlled by militant groups led by ISIL since June. Thousands of Turkmens fled from the city following ISIL attacks in June.

Güncelleme Tarihi: 20 Eylül 2014, 17:44