Iraq calls on US to arm Sunni tribes against ISIL

Iraqi parliament Speaker Juburi calls on the U.S. to provide arms to 100,000 Sunni tribesmen living in ISIL-controlled regions.

Iraq calls on US to arm Sunni tribes against ISIL

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Iraq has called on the U.S. to arm 100,000 Sunni tribesmen in the country against the ISIL, according to an adviser to Iraqi parliament speaker.

Wahdah al-Jamili's comments came Friday following a meeting between U.S. Senator John McCain, and Iraqi parliament Speaker Salim al-Juburi in the Iraqi capital, Baghdad.

"Juburi has called on the U.S. to provide arms to 100,000 Sunni tribesmen living in four regions that are controlled by the ISIL," Jamili told The Anadolu Agency.

He said that some tribesmen and members of parliament also attended the meeting.

Juburi and McCain discussed the political and security situation in Iraq, as well as the problems in northern and western provinces that were partially controlled by the militant group, according to the adviser. 

"They talked about the issue of increasing efforts of the U.S.-led coalition to overcome difficulties in Anbar, Saladin, Nineveh and Kirkuk," Jamili said.

The issue of increasing training and weapons aid to Iraqi security forces was also discussed, he added.

Armed tribesmen, who have been fighting against the ISIL along with security forces, recently called on the Iraqi government to provide them with arms and ammunition as they were running out of weapons and military supplies; but said that the government didn't meet their demands.

Meanwhile, at least six people were killed and 21 others were injured in the Iraqi capital Baghdad Friday, security sources said.

A bomb attack in the city’s Huseyniye neighborhood killed three people and injured eight others, the sources said.

Earlier in the day, three more people were killed and 13 others were injured in other attacks in the city.

At least 17 militants from the ISIL were killed in airstrikes by US-led international coalition forces in northern Iraqi province of Mosul.

An army store, a hospital, a hidden shelter and three military vehicles were also destroyed during the airstrikes.

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