Iraq: Eight, including two policemen killed in Baghdad

Eight people, including two policemen have been killed and 16 others have been wounded in five separate incidents in the capital.

Iraq: Eight, including two policemen killed in Baghdad
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Eight people, including two policemen were killed and 16 others were wounded in five separate incidents Tuesday in the Iraqi capital of Baghdad, police said.

The two policemen were killed and five others were wounded when assailants opened fire on a checkpoint in al-Tawitha in southeastern Baghdad, a police captain said.

Separately, three bodies were found in al-Daura area in southern Baghdad. The corpses bore torture signs, and were shot in the head and chest.

Also, two people were killed and nine others were wounded in an Improvised Explosive Device blast in eastern Baghdad, a source said.

One person was killed and two others were wounded in another car bomb blast in al-Azamiya area in eastern Baghdad, the same source said.

Also, Iraqi army killed a "terrorist" and dismantled five Improvised Explosive Devices in three areas across Baghdad, the Operations Command of Baghdad said in a statement.

According to the Iraqi High Commission for Human Rights, 2014 witnessed the most violence in the last many years because of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant’s atrocities in the country.

Iraq has been gripped by a security vacuum since June, when the ISIL group stormed the northern province of Mosul and declared what it called a caliphate in Iraq and Syria.


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