Iraq: ISIL tunnel strategy needs probing

Many tunnels have been discovered in Anbar province, an Iraqi govt official says.

Iraq: ISIL tunnel strategy needs probing

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ISIL’s suspected links with foreign countries’ intelligence agencies need to be investigated given their increased use of underground tunnels to counter airstrikes, an Iraqi government official said Tuesday.

Abdulghani al-Hezimawi, a member of Anbar province’s council, told that this new strategy of ISIL was a defensive measure against the ongoing bombing raids of the Iraqi air forces and the U.S.-led international coalition forces.

“The tunnels were dug up using modern devices and vehicles... ISIL is being financed by international intelligence powers. Its fighting power and suicide attack plans are being improved. Many tunnels were discovered in Anbar province and some intelligence agencies of some countries need to be asked about it,” al-Hezimawi alleged.

He also said that the rate of suicide attacks had increased after ISIL began using tunnels in its assaults.


- Internal displacement


Anbar province has been badly ravaged by internal displacements of people. Thousands of families have been forced to flee their homes from cities and villages. "There are 900,000 displaced people who have taken refuge in other Iraqi governorates and 700,000 others have been displaced inside Anbar; the central government’s aid to displaced people is not enough," al-Hezimawi says.

A military operation is expected to start in Anbar. More than 10,000 tribal rebels are waiting to get armed by the government. Haditha, al-Baghdadi, al-Khalediya, Ameriyet al-Falluja and eastern Ramadi areas are under security and tribal forces’ control, al-Hezimawi added.

The spokesman of the Ministry of Planning said Monday that there are 1.2 million internally displaced people in 12 provinces.

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