Iraqi forces capture strategic districts of Mosul

Meanwhile, nine ISIL terrorists are killed by coalition aircraft in city's east

Iraqi forces capture strategic districts of Mosul

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 Iraqi forces on Tuesday captured a major district of ISIL-held Mosul amid an ongoing army offensive aimed at ousting the terrorist group from the northern city. 

"Iraqi forces have taken Mosul’s southeastern Al-Hay al-Senai district following fierce clashes with ISIL militants," Khaled al-Saadouni, an officer in Iraq’s anti-terrorism agency, said. 

Speaking to Anadolu Agency, al-Saadouni added that Iraqi anti-terrorism forces had attacked the district from three directions. 

According to the officer, 21 ISIL militants were killed in the ensuing clashes with Iraqi forces. 

"Our forces also captured two ISIL militants, destroyed five ISIL vehicles and seized a weapons cache from the terrorist group," he asserted. 

He added that one Iraqi soldier had been killed in the melee while seven others had been injured. 

Also on Tuesday, Iraq’s police-affiliated rapid-response division captured Mosul’s southeastern Al-Mithaq district, Iraqi Army Colonel Mustafa al-Naderi told Anadolu Agency.

Al-Mithaq is regarded as one of ISIL’s last major strongholds in Mosul.

According to al-Naderi, anti-terrorism forces also managed to capture the Maaridh area, a commercial district located east of the city.


In a related development the same day, nine ISIL militants were killed in an airstrike carried out by U.S.-led coalition warplanes in eastern Mosul. 

"They were killed when an unmanned aerial drone struck a house that the militants were using as a headquarters," Saleh al-Ezi, an Iraqi police officer, told Anadolu Agency. 

The Iraqi military, backed by U.S.-led coalition warplanes and local allies on the ground, is currently engaged in a major offensive aimed at ousting ISIL from Mosul, which the group overran in 2014. 

Since the operation began last October, Iraqi forces have reportedly recaptured more than a quarter of Mosul, once considered Iraq’s second largest city in terms of population. 

Despite initial expectations that the city would be retaken by year’s end, Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi said last week that at least three more months would be required to completely extirpate ISIL from Iraq.


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