Iraqi forces kill 13 ISIL militants in central Iraq

Mosul inhabitants flee the city as fears of U.S. airstrikes increase.

Iraqi forces kill 13 ISIL militants in central Iraq
World Bulletin/News Desk
 Iraqi security forces launched Tuesday an attack against the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, in Ramadi city in central Iraq, according to a security source.

"Iraqi security forces from the army and police, supported by tribal fighters,  have killed 13 ISIL militants, while seven other militants surrendered," Anbar’s police chief Kazim Al-Fahdawi said.

A suicide bomber was killed while attempting to approach a security point. "The suicide attacker was shot dead immediately, and his explosive belt did not cause any casualties," Al-Fahdawi added.

Meanwhile, inhabitants of Mosul, in northern Iraq, which is controlled by ISIL, have begun migrating to Rakka in Syria. Both cities are under ISIL’s control, according to the security source.

"The inhabitants of Mosul feel that their lives are at risk, because of the U.S-led international coalition’s airstrikes which target ISIL in the city. The inhabitants concerns have increased as ISIL fortified its positions, and started to dig a ditch around the city," Mosul’s police chief Brigadier Gen. Mazza Al-nun, said.

Mosul’s police forces are being reestablished in a camp 13 miles north of Mosul, while a ground offensive to retake the city is expected in the near future.

ISIL controls many areas of the Anbar governorate, and is attempting to completely control the provincial capital, Ramadi city.

The U.S. is leading an international coalition which has carried out numerous airstrikes against ISIL in Iraq and Syria since the militant group took over Mosul, in northern Iraq, in June.


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