Iraqi Kurd gov't confirms death of 3 peshmerga hostages

Government expressed its condolences to families of victims and promised to eliminate Daesh with its peshmerga forces.

Iraqi Kurd gov't confirms death of 3 peshmerga hostages

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The Kurdish Regional Government in northern Iraq confirmed the deaths of three Kurdish peshmerga hostages, a written government statement said Saturday.

The government expressed its condolences to the families of the victims and promised to eliminate Daesh with its peshmerga forces.

A video was released on Friday showing Daesh militants slaughtering three Kurdish peshmerga hostages in what they said was a response to peshmerga and U.S.-led airstrikes against Daesh strongholds.

The video showed three Daesh militants, who spoke Kurdish, blaming the Kurdish Regional Government for fighting the militant group under what they termed the "crusader coalition."

The victims were wearing orange jumpsuits and reportedly had their heads cut off.

Daesh militants had earlier threatened the peshmerga forces with killing one of their hostages for "each missile they launch" against Daesh strongholds.

At least 17 Kurdish peshmerga fighters were captured by Daesh on Jan. 30 and were threatened to be executed on the Day of Newroz -- a spring festival that falls on March 21 each year and is celebrated mainly by country's Kurdish population.

Iraqi forces, backed by Shiite militias and Kurdish forces, have been battling Daesh since June 2014 when the armed group seized control of Mosul and much of northern and western Iraq.

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