Iraqi police arrest 12 ISIL militants in Mosul

ISIL's military presence had been eliminated from Iraq last year

Iraqi police arrest 12 ISIL militants in Mosul

World Bulletin / News Desk

Iraqi police on Wednesday arrested 12 ISIL militants in the northern city of Mosul, according to a local police official. 

The suspects were rounded up during a security operation in central Mosul, Nineveh police chief Hamad al-Jabouri said. 

Mosul is the provincial capital of Nineveh province in northern Iraq. 

Meanwhile, military forces seized explosive materials, including 18 explosive vests and a number of improvised devices, in a security swoop in western Mosul’s Al-Midan and Batania areas, according to a statement issued by the Defense Ministry. 

Late last year, officials in Baghdad declared that ISIL's military presence in Iraq had been all but eliminated. However, it appears the notorious terrorist group still maintains “sleeper cells” in several parts of the country.

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