Iraqi Turkmen leader denounces lack of support

Ershad Salihi says only Turkey is providing help, condemning other Turkic states.

Iraqi Turkmen leader denounces lack of support

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A leading Iraqi Turkmen figure has condemned Turkic nations for failing to support their fight against ISIL, saying only Turkey is offering help.

Ershad Salihi, the leader of the Iraqi Turkmen Front, told that Turkey was providing humanitarian aid. Turkey is also training Turkmen troops in Iraq.

"We have received neither political nor economic support from other Turkic republics,” he said on Monday during an interview in Istanbul.

He added: "We, as nation, are proud. We don’t beg anyone even though we die. But it should be known that your brothers die over there. They are unarmed and weak. Giving them a helping hand is your duty. Don’t expect us to come to your doors."

Salihi did not specify which countries he was referring to but the Turkic nations are usually understood to include Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Turkey.

He also called for further military support.

Salihi also predicted a gloomy future for Iraq once Daesh has been routed from the territory it seized in June last year.

“Conflict between provinces and tribes may show up,” he said. “This terrorist organization's activities will set the nation at odds. If Iraqis do not take a stand based on logic and wisdom, more blood will be spilled."

“Regional countries must favor stability and give up sectarian schemes. Unless a secular system is formed everybody will be harmed."

Güncelleme Tarihi: 28 Nisan 2015, 15:03