ISIL attack Iraq troops near Baiji refinery

ISIL have attacked Iraqi troops near the Baiji oil refinery

ISIL attack Iraq troops near Baiji refinery

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ISIL militants attacked government forces and their militia allies on Saturday, killing 11 near the city of Baiji as part of the battle for control of Iraq's biggest refinery, army and police sources said.

Four suicide bombers in vehicles packed with explosives hit security forces and the local headquarters of the Shi'ite militias in the area of al-Hijjaj, 10 km to the south of Baiji town, near the refinery, sources at the nearby Tikrit security operations command said.

Iraqi government forces and powerful Iranian-backed militias face ISIL on several fronts in Iraq, a major oil producer and OPEC member.

They include areas around Baiji refinery, north of Baghdad, and the city of Ramadi west of the capital, seized last month by ISIL.

Ramadi is the provincial capital of Anbar Province.

On Wednesday, President Barack Obama ordered the deployment of 450 more U.S. troops to Anbar to advise and assist fragile Iraqi forces being built up to try to retake territory lost to ISIL.

Iraq has been struggling to find a formula for stability since the last U.S. troops withdrew in 2011.


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