Shi'ite militias open fire in Iraqi mosque, killing 68 Sunnis

The security source said at least 30 bodies had arrived at the hospital in the city of Baquba in Diyala province

Shi'ite militias open fire in Iraqi mosque, killing 68 Sunnis

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At least 68 people were killed when a Shi'ite Muslim militia opened fired inside an Iraqi Sunni mosque in the country's eastern Diyala province on Friday, an Iraqi security source said.

The death toll from a shooting attack by Shi'ite militia forces on a Sunni mosque in Iraq on Friday has reached 68, a morgue official said.

Such sectarian violence could hurt efforts by Iraq's new prime minister, Shi'ite Haider al-Abadi, to form a government that can unite Iraqis against ISIL.

Ambulances transported the bodies to the town of Baquba, the main town in Diyala province, where Shi'ite militias are powerful and act with impunity.

Lawmaker Nahida al-Dayani, who is from Diyala, said about 150 worshippers were at Imam Wais mosque when the militiamen arrived following a roadside bombing which had targeted a security vehicle. "It is a new massacre," said Dayani, a Sunni originally from the village where the attack happened.

"Sectarian militias entered and opened fire at worshippers. Most mosques have no security," she told Reuters. "Some of the victims were from one family. Some women who rushed to see the fate of their relatives at the mosque were killed."

Attacks on mosques are acutely sensitive and have in the past unleashed a deadly series of revenge killings and counter attacks in Iraq, where violence has returned to the levels of 2006-2007, the peak of a sectarian civil war.

Iraqi Shi'ite militia forces executed 15 Sunni Muslims and then hung them from electricity poles in a public square in Baquba in July, police said.

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