Turkmens insist on 'security force' in Iraq

A spokesman for Iraq-Turkmen Front (ITF) in Irbil stated that they insisted on establishing a security force that would protect Turkmens from attacks.

Turkmens insist on 'security force' in Iraq

Aydin Maruf Selim, a spokesman for Iraq-Turkmen Front in Irbil, has said they wanted a new security force which would consist of Turkmens to protect them from attacks.

Making evaluations to AA correspondent about suicide bomb attacks targeting Turkmens in Tuzhurmatu and Kirkuk, Selim expressed attacks against Turkmens increased with the killing of Deputy Chairman of ITF Ali Hashim Muhtaroglu and Selahaddin’s Deputy Governor Ahmet Koca.

Attacks won’t demoralize us, says Selim

“We witnessed a big death toll as a result of a treacherous assault on June 25, 2013. We harshly condemn the attacks aiming at Turkmens. Whatever they do, we keep on our struggle. The attacks won’t demoralize us,” said Selim, stating Turkmens were targeted by some dark groups which were supported by interior and external forces.

Stating Iraqi government also evaluated the foundation of a security force which would consist of 750 people two weeks ago, Selim said, “This decision is a rightful action and we assess it as positive, but this force should be independent from individuals. If it is managed under dominance of Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki or his supporter groups, we will be worried with this force. Then it can cause conflicts among Turkmens. Tuzhurmatu is one of key districts and takes place in a dubious region. That’s why, we ask the security force to be independent and founded under Iraq-Turkmen Front. We cannot approve anyone’s claiming right over this force after its foundation.”

“We wish for the creation of a force to protect the Turkmen region”

Saying the force to be founded in the region would not be a military force, Selim added they insisted on foundation of a security force in Iraqi army which would protect Turkmens. "But this force would not be same as groups of Peshmargas or Sadr. To illustrate, a Sahra force was founded in the region and the constitution allowed it. We have communications and there are positive developments, too. I believe in foundation of this force."


Güncelleme Tarihi: 02 Temmuz 2013, 14:04