Athens may get first mosque

Athens mayor candidates are divided on the mosque building issue.

Athens may get first mosque

World Bulletin / News Desk

The building of the first mosque in Athens, the only European capital not to have one, has become the subject of political debate ahead of May 18th local elections.

Mosque building in Greece’s capital is an international obligation, Athens' incumbent mayor Yorgos Kaminis said.

The New Democracy Party's candidate for mayor of Athens, Aris Spiliotopoilos has said that if elected to govern the capital he will propose a city-wide referendum on the subject.

Left candidate Kaminis criticized Spiliotopoilos for voting in favor of building a mosque when he was a member of Parliament but had done nothing about it.

Meanwhile, the proposal for holding a referendum on the building of a mosque in Athens will damage Greece's international reputation, Yorgos Kalacis from the Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs said last week.

The Greek Parliament approved a plan in 2011 to build a mosque in Athens, after demands from thousands of Muslim residents.

Athens has been criticized by human rights groups such as Amnesty International for being the only European Union capital without a functioning mosque.

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