Austria condemns rising attacks on Muslims

A letter condemning attacks on Muslims is published on internet.

Austria condemns rising attacks on Muslims

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A letter condemning attacks on Muslims in Austria signed by a thousand people from different faiths was published on the internet on Wednesday.

Three women who were wearing headscarves, three mosques and a religious high school under construction were attacked in Vienna last month.

The declaration was prepared under the leadership of Muslim feminist Dudu Kucukgol and Peter Stoger, a professor at the University of Innsbruck entitled, "Call for public calm" and "Open letter on the hysteria against Muslims."

They want to start a debate as they feel that the debate in the media and in politics has caused the exclusion of Muslims, the declaration states.

In the declaration, they strongly condemn attacks on Muslims and attacks by the ISIL.

"Creating fear against a religious group harms all people. We call for calm for the peace of all Austrian people" says the declaration.

The declaration was signed by academics, writers, members of parliament, journalists and members of non-governmental organizations.

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Wherda Phuckawee
Wherda Phuckawee - 8 yıl Önce

Well here they go, all the progesssives, leftists, and fascists rising up against those who wish to be left alone in their own religion. The problem< ? Control over you. Control over your life and wanton murdering of innocents. IT is spreading into US with beheadings. WHY? cuz those with the sword must die by the sword? old ancient thinking/ancient beliefs and women in that religion of pieces, don't have a voice... from before 800 AD. with modern technologies.