Cambridge Mosque to be Europe's first eco-mosque

England’s historic city of Cambridge, with its world-famous university and idyllic countryside, will soon count a mosque amidst its stunning skyline of spires.

Cambridge Mosque to be Europe's first eco-mosque

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Green issues have been paramount in the design of the new Cambridge Mosque.  

Tim Winter, chairman of the Muslim Academic Trust, notes, ‘Islamic civilization has been based on the rejection of waste as an under-estimation of God’s blessing and so in the construction of the new mosque here in Cambridge, we were very much in the forefront of the local environmental movement’.

The building will be naturally lit throughout the year from the large skylights integrated into the design in addition to being very well-insulated and heated and cooled using energy efficient and locally generated energy from ground source heat pumps.  ’We are using the latest conservation technology and green roofs so that we’ll have an almost zero carbon footprint’, remarks Winter.

The new Cambridge Mosque will have ample space for bikes and will be easily accessible by foot.  Upon entering the mosque, visitors will walk through a permeable green edge created by an enlargement of the existing community garden.  This garden will include 20 newly planted Cyprus trees to enhance the feeling of an ‘oasis’ that the building as a whole embodies.

Architects Marks Barfield have proposed various features in their designs to ensure that the landmark building will fit in naturally with the surroundings of the Romsey Mill Road area.  Thus, in terms of it’s height which will be no more than three stories, and its brick façade, the building will complement present neighbouring structures.

With its emphasis on sustainability and almost total reliance on green energy, the new Cambridge Mosque will be Europe’s first eco-mosque and a truly landmark building for the city of Cambridge and its residents.

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