Fewer Hajj pilgrims from Balkans this year

Ministry for Hajj of Saudi Arabia has approved a smaller number of pilgrims from the Balkans this year...

Fewer Hajj pilgrims from Balkans this year
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Fewer Muslims will travel from the Balkans to Mecca, Saudi Arabia, for the Islamic pilgrimage of Hajj this year due a to reduction in pilgrim numbers by Saudi authorities.

This year Mecca will receive 2,545 pilgrims from the Balkans. Last year, 3,700 Muslims travelled from the region to Mecca and Medina for their Hajj pilgrimage.

In July, Saudi Arabian authorities approved a reduction in the number of pilgrims to be allowed for Hajj this year to due to ongoing work to expand Mecca’s Grand Mosque.

All Muslims are required to make pilgrimage to Mecca at least once in their lifetimes, if they are physically and financially capable.

From Bosnia and Herzegovina, 1,025 pilgrims will travel to the Islamic holy sites this year and the figure marks a 20 percent drop from last year, according to the country's Islamic Community.

Macedonia will send 1,200 pilgrims while from Serbia 270 Muslims will perform Hajj this year with 50 pilgrims from Croatia.

Some of the pilgrims from the Balkans have already set off to Mecca by bus. Those who travel by plane will leave next month.

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