Friendship at organic store overcomes prejudice

Sr Dunia Shuaib is a marriage therapist based in Dallas, Texas and marriage educator/coach, radio show host (Deen with Dunia) and lecturer. On her Facebook page, she recounts a recent experience with a non-Muslim woman while shopping at her local organic store and explains that courage despite prejudice and stereotype can overcome hatred and foster new friendships in the unlikeliest of places.

Friendship at organic store overcomes prejudice
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Dunia Shuaib is a marriage counsellor and lecturer based in Dallas, Texas. On her Facebook page she relates a recent incident with a non-Muslim woman while shopping at her local organic store:
SubhanAllah today while I was grocery shopping at Whole Foods, as I was reaching for a carton of eggs I felt a tap on my shoulder as I look over she says, "Do you really hate me because I am an infidel?" I put the carton of eggs back on the shelf and turned to her, I was caught completely off guard. I looked at her with a smile and said, "excuse me?" She replied, "I am so sorry to approach you like this but you looked like such a sweet girl, and this is my first time seeing a real life Muslim, I live in a very small town west of Dallas. I just need to know, do you hate me?"
I smiled at her and said, "ma'am why would you think that I don't even know you." She replied, "on the news, they are always saying that you Muslims hate us, so I really want to know do you hate me?" We talked for about 20 minutes and at the end of our conversation she gave me a hug and said, "I wish the news would show us people like you, anyways honey if you are ever in west Texas please come visit me I would love to have you." 

I remembered the time the Prophet PBUH was in the market and noticed an older women having trouble putting all her things on her camel. When the Prophet pbuh saw her he immediately went to help her. He put her things on the camel and he didn’t stop there he accompanied her, kept her company, dragged her camel until she reached her destination he then took her things off the camel and assisted her to her home. The old women said to him, o young man I thank you for this company how can I ever repay you? I don’t have any wealth but I can give you some advice. There is a man his name is Muhammad he is a very bad man. He has disunited the people and disunited the families. He teaches people sorcery, and he leads them astray from the ancestral beliefs. Keep away from him I don’t want you to be destroyed. You are such a good person. As the prophet pbuh was walking away, she finally asked for his name. He said my name is Muhammad. She then said shahada and said only a Messenger could have such beautiful character.

While I know a lot of Muslims are frustrated because of recent events, know that there are so many good people in this world. This conversation really made me think, what if I wasn't a Muslim and never met a Muslim and all I know about Islam and Muslims is what I see on TV -how would I feel? We really need to show the world what Islam is. We really must emulate the Prophet pbuh, let the world know #whoisMuhammad through our actions.


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