German shooting club tells Muslim champion to give up title

The Historic German Shooting Federation said that only Christians were allowed to become shooting champions.

German shooting club tells Muslim champion to give up title

World Bulletin / News Desk

A German Muslim man of Turkish origin has been told to give up his title as a shooting champion because he was not a Christian.

Mithat Gedik, 33, was crowned Shooting King by his local shooting club, of which he is a board member, on July 18.

However, the Historic German Shooting Federation later asked him to return the title because it was an “association of Christian people,” suggesting that Mr. Gedik should join the Sauerland Shooting Federation as it allows non-Muslim members.

“It should be obvious to anyone who can read. They didn’t read their own constitution,” Rolf Nieborg, a spokesman for the Historic German Shooting Federation said, adding “no one has probably asked him about his religion because he is so well integrated.”

Speaking to The Local, Mr. Gedik said: “It is completely incomprehensible to me that we are having such a debate in the 21st Century.”

“We didn’t want to provoke anyone, we just wanted to celebrate a wonderful shooting festival,” he added.

Referring the the rewarding of the title to a non-Christian as a “mistake,” the club spokesman said asking Mr. Gedik to abdicate would make amends.



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