HSBC closing bank accounts of British Muslims

Muslim individuals and companies in the UK are having their HSBC accounts closed for no reason.

HSBC closing bank accounts of British Muslims

World Bulletin / News Desk

Muslims in the UK are complaining that the HSBC bank is closing their accounts for no reason.

The Guardian reported that London's Finsbury Park Mosque was among the Muslim organizations to have their account closed with being told why.

All the mosque was told was that "the provision of banking services… now falls outside of our risk appetite."

However, mosque officials said they could not understand the reason, mentioning that they are a UK based organization and do not transfer any money abroad.

Meanwhile the manager of Cordoba Foundation, an Islamic think-tank, Anas Al Tikriti and his family members also had their accounts closed without explanation.

Although HSBC has denied that their decisions to close accounts were based on race or religion, the bank's statement still leaves question marks as to why Muslim accounts were targeted.

Güncelleme Tarihi: 31 Temmuz 2014, 16:50