Imposition of 'Greek' Qur'an education

The Greek government has agreed on the appointment of 90 chaplains to teach the Qur’an in Greek to minority children at mosques and state schools in Western Thrace.

Imposition of 'Greek' Qur'an education

World Bulletin/News Desk

It has been specified that the chaplains who will be contracted to serve in Western Thrace will be Greek citizen and members of the minority in Western Thrace.

An addition to the legal regulation “240 Imams law" prepared in the parliament envisions that “the children of minority families studying in government schools in Western Thrace will be taught the Qur'an in the Greek language."

The Turkish minority has met the reintroduction of this law, which was accepted in 2007 but could not go into implementation due to the reaction of the Turkish population, to the agenda with negative responses once again.

Religious and political officials elected by the Turkish minority has expressed in their statements that this law, which was drafted unilaterally without consulting the minority population, will cause new problems instead of solving existing ones. They indicated that they will continue not to accept this law.

The addition to the law, which states that the officials serving in Western Thracian mosques will be appointed by a board of 5 persons including Christian Greek citizens and will be paid by the Greek state, posits that these Imams will give religious instruction in Greek state schools.

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