'Islamophobia' dictionary published in France

The dictionary on the topic of "Islamophobia" was published in France by journalist Kamel Mezity.

'Islamophobia' dictionary published in France

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The dictionary on the topic of "Islamophobia" was published in France. It includes the words and expressions used by French politicians, writers and artists in the field of Islamophobia.

This book was compiled and published by the French journalist and researcher Kamel Mezity, reported the Islam Today. The creator attempted to bring together all the concepts and meanings which are somehow connected with Islamophobia. 

The author focused public's attention on this topical issue which increases each day in France and intends isolate of adherents of Islam in society and creates a climate of fear around the Muslim faith.

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vinvin - 9 yıl Önce

an invented word to silence critics of a vile intolerant cuilt

Dan - 9 yıl Önce

The misplaced word Islamophobia - meaning to have common sense, when some ideology is trying to kill you for being a non savage, your common sense kicks in and says NO to being a victim.Other misplaced words like Militant - meaning Muslim Terrorist.And misplaced phrases such as Violence in the workplace - meaning Muslim Terrorist Act of aggression, are but a few misplaced words that are in use.