Kyrgyz walking pilgrims missing

A group of 10 men from Kyrgyzstan have gone missing after setting out to perform the Hajj plgrimage on foot.

Kyrgyz walking pilgrims missing

World Bulletin / News Desk

10 pilgrims who left their homes in Kyrgyzstan in order to perform the Hajj pilgrimage to Mecca have still not returned.

The group left Kyrgyzstan in the last week of Ramadan, approximately 2 months before the pilgrimage, in a bid to make the trip to Mecca and back on foot.

However, it is believed that they did not take enough money with them and they hadn’t yet completed their visa applications.

One woman, whose husband was part of the group, said she is still waiting to hear news from him.

They had told the Mufti’s Office of Kyrgyzstan that about their planned route before setting out, but did not receive permission from the Mufti to do so. Almaz Sagindikov, an official from the Mufti’s Office who also attended the pilgrimage, said that he had not encountered the group while in Mecca, nor had to come across them on the journey.

He added that he had heard no news about the group.

This year, 3,600 Kyrgyzstan citizens went on the pilgrimage. 

Güncelleme Tarihi: 26 Kasım 2013, 17:22