Malta accused of Muslim history cover-up

Mark Camilleri, a Maltese historian, has accused the government of attempting to hide the island's 600-year Islamic history.

Malta accused of Muslim history cover-up

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A well-known Maltese historian and chairman of the National Book Council, Mark Camilleri, has accused Malta’s Superintendence for Cultural Heritage of attempting to cover-up the island’s Islamic past.

Camilleri, who wrote a book challenging the notion that the people of Malta became Christians following Paul’s shipwreck on the island in 60 C.E., made the accusation after the Superintendence refused his request for a list of all archeological objects from the year 800 to 1400 C.E.

Arab Muslims, who had conquered and ruled the Mediterranean island between those dates, left a legacy of history and culture which is still found in the Maltese language today, which is considered to be a dialect of Arabic.

Infuriated by the decision, Camiller, who also protests against the absence of Arab heritage at the national archeological museum, called the Superintendence a "propagandistic machine which controls and abuses of historical evidence for religious and ideological ends."

However, Superintendent Anthony Pace brushed off the accusations, saying that the list requested by Camilleri was part of ongoing research of which findings would be published in two years time.

Although a survey conducted by MaltaToday found that 63% of Maltese people acknowledge their Muslim past, respondents aged between 18 and 34 were the least likely to accept this fact.

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falsehoodfalls - 9 yıl Önce

who are uncivilized? when your so called civilized people go and bomb and kill children and take away the homes of people. and you are daring to call people that defend themselves uncivilized. you should be ashamed to call yourself civilized.

Joe Micallef
Joe Micallef - 9 yıl Önce

Malta's Arab past cannot be hidden from anyone for the simple reason it is a fact! We were converted by St Paul but the Arab influence left its mark in our language which complemented the phoenician lingo spoken in Malta of that time including Sicily, alas it was not written.Recall the year 1066 ca when the Norman count Roger claimed Malta. He did not impose but allowed the maltese to coexist with the Arabs and european aristocrats until eventually the Knights hospitaliers took over in 1530

Dallas - 9 yıl Önce

Are we expected to enforce the Maltese into the same caustic self-hatred that is eating at the foundations of every other country in Western civilization?

kiwi - 9 yıl Önce

Having spent two delightful years working in Malta GC many decades ago I am not surprised that the younger ones want to deny their Arab heritage. Why on earth would they want to be related in any way to a backward peoples who, even today, are an uncivilised aggressive tribe. Howevermuch I can understand their loathing of their descendants it is a pity to lose out on this major part of history.