Muslim dentist saving Californian library

A Muslim dentist in Stockton, California, has been working to save his local library from being sold to a private buyer.

Muslim dentist saving Californian library

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A dentist by trade, Mas'ood Cajee is a Muslim man who for the past few years he has been dedicated to keeping his local library, Fair Oaks Public Library open, while opposing its sale to a private buyer.

In an article to the The Record, many in the community — including a growing group of advocates and neighborhood parents — believe there is life left in the library with Cajees imploring City Council members to consider spending money on libraries and community centers as a way to assist positive social change in his community

Cajee explains that from the time he was young, he had found comfort in the library.  As a child in Johannesburg, South Africa, he'd spend Saturday morning at the central library, dropped off by his parents to explore the children's section.Mandela was still imprisoned when his family left South Africa for the United States, where the 10-year-old would again find his place in the library .

For Cajee, the importance was placed on reading, on obtaining an education. His parents and extended family encouraged his reading and getting an education. 

He says, "Family discussions were about politics, religion or sports. No matter what, you had to hold your own," Cajee said.

Fair Oaks opened in the late 1940s as Stockton’s first branch library. Housed originally in an old World War II Quonset hut, the current building opened in 1983. Says Cajee, "If the city doesn’t reopen Fair Oaks, we won’t get a library branch in that area of town in our lifetime"

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