The happiness of a father whose daughter died as a Muslim

We met a father who almost danced to the death of his daughter.  Because his daughter died as a Muslim.

The happiness of a father whose daughter died as a Muslim

Hasim Akin

A few days ago, we got the news of a death.  A manageress of one of our girls schools in another city had suddenly passed away.  We decided to go on the weekend to wish our condolences.  The distance of the trip did not tire us.

However what we were about to find out would bring us sorrow and happiness.  In truth this bitter story which took place in Africa was very familiar with me.  There are many Muslims in our regions who are living through the same similarities and sorrows...

Our sister who had passed away was the daughter of the village minister (imam).  Her childhood had passed in a village.  However she was educated to be competent, in order to serve the homeland and people.  Her education period was more bitter than your guesses.  As in these regions the only system of education is the French system.  Hence to surrender your child to this regime is one loss, but to not surrender is another loss...

In reality I have heard of many bitter stories in Africa where they were kidnapped only to be educated and sent back to their homeland.  We are not certain regarding the details as to whether this sister went under force or was sent with the will of her father.  However in all instances it is our hearts who are filled with pain.

Meeting with Islam once again and after losing

There was a novel named 'The model daughter of the imam'.  There must be some amongst you who has read it.  When school is finished, your life is planned accordingly there afterwards.  Our daughter has become a teacher.  Her life, conditions and environment is formed in accordance to that.  So she has been educated, advised and prepared.  Later on she marries a Christian man.  They have a daughter.  They named their daughter to be Christian.  Even though it may be strange to you, it is quite common in this region for Muslim girls to marry Christian men.

Later on she begins to work at Ipala College.  She meets with a pious Muslim lady, madam Hace Ummu Gulsum in this place, who is a good role model, leader and a mother figure to the workers there.  Hence her life has a new meaning and direction.  She meets with Islam once again.  For the old father his daughter is born again.  Other people have done what he could not do.  Thus he has found his daughter again.  As his wishes have happened, it is not really important who has achieved this.

Her partner is a Christian without any compromise.  They had separated approximately six years ago.  The man kidnaps his daughter away from her mother and does not allow any contact.  Meanwhile, last week Azrael (AS) knocks on the door.  She is sent to the hereafter before her elderly father and her mentally ill mother.

Because his daughter died as a Muslim

However the part which has hit us starts after this.  For we saw a father who was almost happy about the death of his daughter.  We had the common sorrows of Muslim children who people referred to as follows 'This child is very intelligent and should be educated', but were not taken care of there afterwards...  We saw a father who was unable to avoid this bitter ending, in pain without any possible solution and missing the return.  The fact that his daughter had become a Muslim again and passed away in that state, had made him so happy...  A death can only make a person this happy...  We met a father who almost danced to the death of his daughter.  Because his daughter had passed away as a Muslim.  He said 'I can talk to you until the evening, thanking you until the evening and telling you about the beautiful things you have done.  However there is no need for that.' and continued with his prayers.  All people are thanked when coming for condolences.  However this uncle's was more different.  For he had visitors who had come from thousands of kilometers away.  These visitors only came because his daughter was a Muslim.  He was more happy than a poor man who had lost his camel in the desert but had later found it again.

The feeling of bitterness and pain he experienced years ago was more devastating for him than the death of his daughter last week.  Those who were sent to be able to earn more money, be proper and not to be embarrassed next to their friends...  Those who were sacrificed to the race of their mothers and fathers...  There are so many reasons...  Those children who were sent to these campuses to be educated, advised but later on had turned their backs on the moral values of their mothers and fathers...  These are not only instances which are occurring in Africa...

This was a movie with a happy ending with the accepted prayers of a father who is an Imam.  However, the return of many children who were lost as a result of many ambitions,  will not always be as easy as this. 



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