Top Tips for Students during Ramadan

It's Ramadan time! Here are some tips that can help students during this period.

Top Tips for Students during Ramadan

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1. Maximise Jannah Points

Night time is such a spiritual time, especially during Ramadan. Therefore, try to leave nights (Iftar to suhoor) for praying and making du'aa, to maximize on Jannah points. 

2. Sleep enough

Pray, make lots of du’aa and sleep straight after Fajr to get a good 6 hours of sleep. To avoid post Iftar sleepiness, don’t stuff yourself to your eyeballs in one sitting, just eat smaller amounts throughout the night.

3. Make a Daily Plan for yourself

In the morning, take 15 minutes to write a realistic to-do list and thoroughly plan each hour of your day around salah to maximum barakah. You’ll have around 8-9 hours, minus 2 hours for breaks, salah, Qur’an reading etc. That still gives you a solid 6-7 hours for revision, so assign your hours wisely.

4. Pray on daytime

During Ramadan, rewards for every act of worship will be multiplied, we cannot waste this opportunity. So, keep dhikr on your tongue throughout the day; and after each pray, read a few pages from Quran and donate to charity etc.

5. Power up Intentions

Don’t feel discouraged if you can’t devote yourself to the prayer time. If you set out to study with the right intentions, you will be rewarded. Below are some intention ideas to think about when revising.

  • That you will do well on your exams to please your parents and make them happy.
  • Your career prospects will improve which will give you the means to earn a halal income and support family.
  • A good career will allow you to give more charity.
  • Doing well in your exams will allow you to work in a field that helps other people.

6. Eat well

It’s important to be comfortable both inside and out during the day, to ensure minimal stress during revision. So, make sure to eat lots of fibrous fruit and vegetable. 

7. Have High-Energy Brain Foods

Eat complex carbohydrates like potatoes, rice, bananas etc. These are slow energy releasing, perfect for those long fasting days. Dates are amazing for energy. Nuts, avocados, and salmon are great brain foods too.


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