Turkish woman victim of Islamophobic attack in Austria

Zeliha Cicek was attacked on the Vienna metro for wearing a headscarf.

Turkish woman victim of Islamophobic attack in Austria

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A 37-year-old Turkish woman in Austria was attacked on a train in Vienna in what is believed to be an Islamophobic attack, it was reported on Wednesday.

Zeliha Cicek said she believes she was targeted on the Vienna metro just because she was wearing a headscarf, and is the third Muslim to have been attacked in Vienna in the last month, The Local reported.

Cicek, who was talking to her sister on the phone while traveling on the U3 underground train, said she was attacked by a woman to started shouting abuse at her in English.

“I calmly told her she could speak to me in German and suddenly she stood up and slapped me in the face. I dropped my phone and it broke, I was so shocked,” she told Kurier newspaper, adding that the woman also attacked an English man who came to separate them.

About 7% of Austria's population is Muslim, most of whom are Turkish. 

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