Address 'white supremacy' to fight Islamophobia in West

Academics from leading universities see links between 'white supremacy problem' and Islamophobia in the US and Europe

Address 'white supremacy' to fight Islamophobia in West

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Academics from leading universities have called for addressing “white supremacy” to deal with the rise of Islamophobia in the West.

According to the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), there was a 44 percent increase in anti-Muslim hate crime last year. The figures from the Muslim organization came following American President Donald Trump’s divisive presidential campaign and his recent attempts to ban migration from seven Muslim-majority nations.

Between the start of 2015 and the end of 2016, there had also been a 57 percent increase in incidents of anti-Muslim bias. There were 260 anti-Muslim hate crimes last year, according to CAIR, and 2,213 cases of anti-Muslim bias.

According to Tell MAMA, a U.K.-based group that monitors Islamophobic incidents, there has been a sharp rise in anti-Muslim attacks following the May 2013 murder of British soldier Lee Rigby in southeast London by two radicalized attackers.

Academics like Ebrahim Moosa, a professor of Islamic studies at the University of Notre Dame, told Anadolu Agency that “white supremacy” is at the heart of the problem.

“The world has a white supremacy problem that has to be addressed. It is white ethnographic-nationalism, mixed with strains of extremist, white Christian nationalism in the U.S.A.,” Moosa said via email.

Salman Sayyid, professor of social theory and de-colonial thought at the U.K.’s University of Leeds, said via email: “The neo-cons are main peddlers of Islamophobia and it’s the means by which they shore up white supremacy through the world.



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