Anti-muslim groups to organize rallies across US

Islamophobia in the US is picking up speed with anti-Muslim groups organizing rallies at mosques and other sites.

Anti-muslim groups to organize rallies across US

World Bulletin / News Desk

Anti-Muslim conservative groups have planned at least 20 rallies this month at mosques and other sites across the Unites States. According to a report in Imagine 5050 a Facebook group called Global Rally for Humanity has put out word for anti-Muslim demonstrations in “every country at every Mosque.”

“[I]f there is not an event page set up for your area yet then its time for you to take the initiative and start a page and invite patriots and share it,” the page explains. “Remember to do your homework and find a local mosque in your area so you can publish the location.”

According to Imagine 2050, the rallies are planned for Oct. 9 and Oct. 10. Some of the organizers have encouraged demonstrators to show up armed, while others urged participants not to bring weapons.

An event in Dearborn, Michigan was billed as an “OPEN CARRY anti-mosque pro-AMERICA rally on 10/10!!”

Organizers have cited the “Justice or Else” rally for 20th anniversary commemoration of Million Man March, President Barack Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran and the Syrian refugee crisis as motivation for the events.

Jon Ritzheimer, who was reported to the FBI for staging a “Draw Muhammad” biker rally in Arizona earlier this year, announced to his supporters that he was planning another event at the Islamic Center of Phoenix on Oct. 10th.


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