Austria's face-veil ban to come into effect on Oct. 1

Interior ministry says offenders could face fines, or be taken into custody 

Austria's face-veil ban to come into effect on Oct. 1

World Bulletin / News Desk

A controversial Austrian ban on the public wearing of veils which cover the face will come into effect on Oct. 1, the country’s interior ministry confirmed on Thursday.

The new law will apply to all public places, including transport facilities, and police will have the power to demand the removal of concealing veils.

Those who refuse to comply may be taken to a police station, a ministry statement added.

“Violation of this new law is subject to an administrative penalty of up to €150 ($180), which may be imposed by police agents,” the ministry said.

Austrian lawmakers passed the ban in May, despite the tiny number of Muslim women in the country who sport the burqa.

Those opposed to the legislation say the ban is discriminatory.

Several other European countries have introduced full or partial bans on the burqa being worn in public. France was the first in 2011.

Over the weekend a Danish citizen who allegedly refused to take off her face-covering veil at Brussels airport was deported back to Tunisia after police were unable to identify her, according to a Belgian official.

The burqa issue has also been seized upon by the far-right and populists in Europe with the UK Independence Party saying earlier this year it would pursue a ban on the garb.

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