Chinese Muslims forced to spy on villagers

Residents must report fellow villagers who sell land or make "unusual" purchases, refuse to watch or read official news media, or suddenly quit smoking or drinking alcohol

Chinese Muslims forced to spy on villagers

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Villagers in a remote part of northwestern China’s troubled Xinjiang region are being forced by local authorities to spy on their Muslim neighbors, watching constantly for behavior deemed “suspicious” or opposed to Beijing’s rule over the mostly Muslim Uyghur region, sources say.

Residents of Kizilsu village in Peyziwat (in Chinese, Jiashi) county in the Kashgar (Kashi) prefecture must now sign a “Joint Responsibility Contract” that threatens collective punishment for villagers found not in compliance with 30 specific regulations, sources said.

The new policy has been enforced with "great success"  with those who were not in compliance "have been punished according to the law,” according to an official who hanged up the phone.

Strict rule enforced

Rights groups accuse Chinese authorities of heavy-handed rule in Xinjiang, including violent police raids on Uyghur households, restrictions on Islamic practices, and curbs on the culture and language of the Uyghur people.

But experts outside China say Beijing has exaggerated any threat from the Uyghur people, and that domestic policies were responsible for an upsurge in violence that has left hundreds dead since 2012.

 Source: RadioFreeAsia

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