Danish centre bans Muslim covering for students

An adult education centre has banned the niqab for Muslim students and has refused admission to six female students

Danish centre bans Muslim covering for students

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A Danish adult education centre has banned the wearing of the niqab covering for Muslim females. 

According to a report in The Independent, the case has come to the attention of the national media following a post on the school’s Facebook page that sparked a debate about the policy.

VUC Lyngby posted a response to the crticism explaining that “everyone is welcome” and that although nobody had been asking to leave the class, the new policy will only apply to for all future students.

School official Inge Voller told Metroxpress claimed that the policy was not religiously motivated.

“This isn’t a question of religion or ethnicity but of learning, as we are an educational institution. It’s about how to create the best learning and we believe you can do that best when you can communicate openly with one another,” she said, according the Copenhagen Post


Alongside votes of support, the decision also has had a huge backlash on the Facebook page.

“Can women no longer decide what clothes we want to wear? So much for religious freedom and a democratic right to wear the clothes we want. [The decision] must be rethought,” wrote Anne Kirstine Gram Hovmann.



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