Islamophobia growing threat in Europe and US

Sharp rise in anti-Muslim incidents following terrorist attacks

Islamophobia growing threat in Europe and US

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When father-of-five Makram Ali left Ramadan prayers on Monday night, he had no idea he was about to become the latest Muslim die on the streets of Europe or the U.S., where figures show a rising wave of Islamophobia has taken hold.

The 51-year-old was walking with other worshippers through the streets of Finsbury Park, north London, when he collapsed and was hit by a van that had allegedly been deliberately driven into the crowd.

He died in his daughter’s arms and 11 other Muslims were injured in what is being treated as a terrorist incident by British police.

For many observers, the attack was the latest incident in which Muslims have been targeted in Europe and the U.S.

According to Tell MAMA, a U.K.-based group that monitors Islamophobic incidents, there has been a sharp rise in anti-Muslim attacks following the May 2013 murder of British soldier Lee Rigby in southeast London by two radicalized attackers.

Subsequent terrorist incidents around the world have also contributed to rising levels of Islamophobia, according to the monitoring group.

Data on hate crimes targeting Muslims from the Metropolitan Police, which polices Greater London and is the U.K.’s largest police service, shows a increase since 2014.

In that year, 623 such offenses were reported, a figure that nearly doubled to 1,221 last year.


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