Mosque counters EDL rally with 'Best of British' tea party

A Birmingham mosque gave the right answer back to the “hatred and division” of an English Defence League rally by hosting a “best of British” tea party

Mosque counters EDL rally with 'Best of British' tea party

World Bulletin / News Desk

The EDL tried to organise a march in Birmingham and, as is to be expected, were promptly upstaged by a very British tradtion - a tea party.

Upon hearing that the far-right hate group were planning to parade their insecurity around the city, Brummies at the Birmingham Central Mosque promptly organised a ‘Best of British’ tea party.

And it was a lot of fun – especially because, unlike the EDL, the mosque had provided cake.

And then there was this incredible photo, taken outside the Library of Birmingham, of a quietly confident Brummie woman staring down an EDL hater - just, epic. The look on her face says it all.

On its website, the BCM said: ‘While the English Defence League and counter demonstrators protest elsewhere in the city, the mosque will be open to all and serving tea, coffee and cakes while draped in bunting and Union Flags.

‘The tea party will start at 11am and the general public are invited to attend and enjoy a cuppa and a chat with their neighbours.’


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