Seattle teen beaten to death in hate crime

Police are investigating the death of Hamza Warsame, 16. He is believed to have died from injuries sustained in a fall from the roof of a Capitol Hill building, but some fellow students claim he had been beaten in a hate crime.

Seattle teen beaten to death in hate crime

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The police department in Seattle are investigating the fatal fall of a 16-year-old Somali student, after a social media outcry questioning how he died. 

The family of Hamza Warsame have criticized the lack of communication and sensitivity from police immediately after his fall.

“It is sad to say we do not know what happened and there has been a lack of communication from the police department,” said Mumin Dimbil, who says he is Warsame’s cousin.

Warsame’s family and friends say he was a full-time Running Start student at Seattle Central College, and said that they believed that he was at the apartment complex for a study group.

The victim, identified by the school in a post on Facebook as Hamza Warsame, died from injuries apparently sustained in a fall off the roof of a Capitol Hill building Saturday afternoon, according to the Seattle Fire Department. 

 The school’s letter was posted Monday on the Facebook page titled #Justice4Hamza which is hosted by Americans for Refugees & Immigrants. Social media posts using the hashtag #Justice4Hamza criticizing the lack of public attention on Warsame’s death before Tuesday have questioned whether he was beaten by a Caucasian student and pushed off the rooftop deck.

Source: Seattle Times & The New York Times

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