A dissident FARC leader says 'war goes on'

Going by the name Aldemar, the 32-year-old is one of several dissident guerrilla leaders who rejected a December peace deal that saw FARC rebels disarm after a half-century of war against the state.

A dissident FARC leader says 'war goes on'

World Bulletin / News Desk

A dissident guerrilla leader points his assault rifle into the air and fires, shouting "FARC is alive, the war goes on." Peace is a long way from this part of the Colombian jungle. 

FARC officially became a political party at a special congress last month but Aldemar says his jungle holdouts "haven't changed an iota of our ideology."

"We remain revolutionaries who are seeking power for the people through the politico-military route," the young leader told AFP in an interview conducted in the pouring rain on a bank of the Inirida River.

Aldemar, wearing jeans and a Colombian soccer jersey, was speaking to a journalist for the first time since officially being on the army's wanted list, but refused to show his face in front of a photographer's camera.

Like other dissidents, he is now a man wanted dead or alive by military patrols combing the jungle. 

Prominent FARC dissident Euclides Mora was killed by security forces last month, prompting a warning to the others from President Juan Manuel Santos: "The message is clear: surrender, otherwise jail or the grave awaits." 

The holdouts are accused of committing at least seven attacks in the past year, killing four people and wounding 18. Three police officers were killed in an ambush last Saturday.

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