Attacks put strain on Colombian peace talks

President Juan Manuel Santos said guerrilla attacks on infrastructure could bring an end to peace negotiations.

Attacks put strain on Colombian peace talks

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Peace talks between the Colombian government and the FARC guerilla group are under threat over recent rebel attacks on the country’s infrastructure, President Juan Manuel Santos has declared.

The attacks by the FARC, as the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia group is known, have left parts of the country without electricity and water.

Speaking in Buenaventura on Wednesday, Santos said: “They are playing with fire and these dialogues could be brought to an end because this situation cannot continue indefinitely.”

Colombia has been reeling from recent attacks on water and power supplies. Since June 30, the Ministry of Defense recorded 337 attacks carried out by FARC and National Liberation Army fighters.

The FARC has been involved in peace negotiations with the government since 2012.

Green Alliance lawmaker Clara Lopez said: “This is a stupid strategy and does not give them any advantage in the negotiations.”

Buenaventura is Colombia’s most important port and reports by the authorities suggest the blackout may last another three days.

The peace talks were the key point in last month’s presidential elections with Santos campaigning heavily on the issue but the upsurge in guerrilla attacks has called his approach into question.

According to the Colombian Center for Historical Memory, since 1958 the conflict has claimed 220,000 lives.

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