Brazil: Eight suspects accused of promoting extremism

Group detained in July, tried to recruit minors to commit crimes, prosecutors allege

Brazil: Eight suspects accused of promoting extremism

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Eight suspects in Brazil were changed Friday with promoting extremism, according to authorities.

Officials said the suspects also tried to recruit others to carry out attacks on the eve of the Olympic Games of Rio de Janerio last month.

The suspects were detained in July as part of a police operation that found the existence of a cell that had sworn loyalty to ISIL.

Prosecutor Rafael Brum said during a news conference that intercepted conversations reveled the group “specifically expressed the idea they had of leaving the virtual plane and start acting in practice”.

Brum said that in the conversations, which also involved two minors, the suspects discussed “the possibility of seizing the moment of the Olympic Games to conduct a extremist act, including dialogues on how to make homemade bombs”.

Because no evidence of specific plans or a strong link to ISIL was found, he said, the suspects would be charged with “promoting a extremist organization” and conspiracy.

Some of the accused could also be charged with encouraging minors to commit crimes and for “recruiting for a extremist organization”.

Brazilian authorities began monitoring the group’s telephone calls, social media activity and smartphones conversations, following a tip from the FBI.

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