Brazil's Lula spends first day of 12-year prison sentence

The first day of Lula's 12-year sentence marked the downfall of once one of the world's most popular politicians.

Brazil's Lula spends first day of 12-year prison sentence

World Bulletin / News Desk

Leftist icon Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva spent Sunday as Brazil's first ex-president to be imprisoned for a common crime -- and his cell was in the headquarters of the giant anti-graft probe that brought him down.

Although Brazilian presidents of recent history have routinely ended up in trouble Lula is the first to have been convicted of corruption and locked up.

His new home is a roughly 160 square foot (15 meter square) cell in the federal police headquarters in Curitiba, the southern city where the "Car Wash" probe is based.

Named after a service station where agents initially uncovered a relatively small money laundering operation, "Car Wash" has turned into one of the world's biggest ever examples of such a probe, netting scores of top politicians, some of Brazil's richest businessmen, and sending shock waves through Latin America.

Lula was found guilty last year of taking a luxury apartment as a bribe from a construction company and is "Car Wash's" biggest scalp -- though Lula says the conviction was rigged.

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